AG Implement Repair

Wertzbaugher Services provides repair and refurbishment for all types of agricultural implement equipment.  Farmers depend on us during planting and harvest season to get them back in the fields when equipment breaks down.  We perform a variety of services including:

Our customers trust us to repair and replace faulty components on their equipment.  We are known in Eastern Iowa for high quality repair work and a quick turnaround time.  Located on Highway 6 just outside of Iowa City, we are easy to find and easy to access.

We work with a variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  We have reliable raw material vendors who deliver on a short lead time.  If your ag equipment needs partial or total replacement of metal components we can get material to complete the repair on a short lead time.

Call us. Our busy season for Ag is spring and fall.  We work late nights and weekends during these seasons to keep the farmers in the fields. Farmers from all over eastern Iowa know they can bring their tractors, combines, grain trailers, and more to Wertzbaugher Services for a quick turn-around.