Metal Tanks and Cabinets

Wertzbaugher Services designs, builds, fabricates, and paints metal tanks.  We can fabricate watertight metal dip tanks for anodizing or other fabrication processes.  We can also fabricate metal tanks out of various materials for storage.

Wertzbaugher Services works on projects of all sizes.  We are an Iowa-based fabricator conveniently located on Highway 6 outside of Iowa City, IA. Wertzbaugher Services specializes in welding and fabrication for various types of metal.  We can build tanks from materials including:

Our MIG and TIG welding processes give us the capability to produce metal tanks that can hold water and other manufacturing liquids.  These tanks are corrosion resistant and leak proof.  We provide tanks for the anodizing and agriculture industries.  Wertzbaugher Services has reliable raw material and parts vendors who deliver on a short lead time which allows us to meet customer deadlines.

Wertzbaugher Services designs and fabricates metal storage tanks and cabinets for various industries.  We can also provide customized storage bins for trucks and trailers that provide mobile services.

We can work off customer specifications and prints and can also manage the design and build process.  We also provide delivery if necessary.  Wertzbaugher Services has a fleet of trucks and can deliver metal tanks and cabinets anywhere in the Midwest.