Wertzbaugher Services Iowa-based fabricator conveniently located on Highway 6 outside of Iowa City, IA. Wertzbaugher Services was founded on and specializes in welding for various types of metal products. We weld metal components for our customers, but can also weld large and small complex assemblies. Our customers look to us for parts and assemblies delivered with:

Not only do we weld and fabricate metal components and assemblies, but we also maintain a fleet of trucks and can quote parts delivered anywhere in the United States.

Our Welding Capabilities

Wertzbaugher Services welds projects for many industries and environments. Many of these projects are carbon steel fabrication, but we also specialize in stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, and more.  Industries we weld for include agriculture, commercial truck and trailer, glass production, construction, manufacturing and more.  We can work off customer specifications and prints and can also manage the design and build process.  We accommodate high volume projects and one-time custom builds.  Our customers look to us to solve problems and deliver when they need a project done right.

Our metal welding technique is perfect for a range of shapes and materials.

Our welders are skilled in both MIG and TIG welding.  We provide welding for projects of various material types and shapes.  We can work with plate, tube, and channel of various sizes to accommodate a wide range of customer needs.

Industries Served

Wertzbaugher Services started by primarily fabricating for the agriculture industry.  As our capabilities and staffing grew, so did the number of industries we serve.  When partnering with Wertzbaugher Services you can count on a high-quality fabricated part or assembly delivered on time. We can weld tube, sheet, and channel components used in a variety of applications. Our facility is also centrally located in Eastern Iowa, which improves turnaround time. Our welding services can benefit clients across an array of industries.

Our location right on Highway 6 just east of Iowa City, IA gives us excellent proximity to I-80 and other major highways.  We can coordinate shipping for you, or quote parts delivered.  Our fleet of trucks can deliver anywhere in the United States.