About Us

Wertzbaugher Services, LLC is a custom welding and fabrication business right outside of Iowa City, Iowa and just 45 minutes from the Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids.  We specialize in providing welding services to businesses in a variety of industries, and also to individuals with fabrication needs.

We are a business you can trust to provide cost effective, high quality fabrication services in a timely fashion.  We repair and fabricate pieces for existing products, and we also provide complete custom fabricated assemblies from scratch.  You can either bring your project to us or we will come to you.

In addition to metal fabrication, we also provide trucking and freight services all over the Midwest, and run loads in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota on a weekly basis.  We have trucks and trailers of various sizes in our fleet to accommodate loads from 100 to 45,000 pounds.  Our freight schedule includes consistent routes, hot loads, and expedites.  With a fleet of trucks and trailers to choose from we have open capacity to accommodate your needs.

Latest News

Fabrication requirements for metal racks, containers, and storage bins

The United States is seeing a significant increase in manufacturing plant construction.  Factories are being built across the U.S. and they all need systems for storing and moving product through the plant.  Many of these facilities utilized fabricated metal racks,... Read More →

Racking and Storage Bin Fabrication for Manufacturing Plants

Racking and Storage Bin Fabrication for Manufacturing Plants Manufacturing facilities utilize metal racks, containers, and bins to store product and move it through the plant.  Manufacturing engineers analyze workflow and design custom racks for storing component parts and assemblies as... Read More →

Welding Need to Knows

Production Welding vs. Custom Welding Welding fabrication can be classified as production or custom welding.  Production welding is typically high volume and sourced by OEMs looking for component parts and assemblies for their products.  High volume production welding can have... Read More →