Custom, High-quality Window Well Grates in Eastern Iowa

Open window wells around your foundation?  No problem!  Work with Wertzbaugher Services, located conveniently in eastern Iowa, for a high-quality polished solution.  Don’t cut corners on safety and aesthetics.  Purchase a sturdy window well that dresses up your foundation from us today.

The problem

Basements are common in the Midwest and other parts of the country.  Window wells are necessary to provide safe access from basement areas in case of an emergency.  They are often uncovered which allows large debris to collect and creates a hazard for falls and injuries.  Open basement window wells are accidents waiting to happen, particularly for pets and small children.  Window well grates are the most effective solution for keeping your home safe.

The solution

Most homes have window wells to provide safe exit from the basement.  However, the window wells typically vary in size and finding a grate that fits and looks polished can be difficult.  A lot of window well covers provide adequate function, but look clunky and create an eye sore right at eye level around the home.  The team at Wertzbaugher Services customizes each grate for a perfect fit and a polished look.  Not only can you provide a safe cover for your window well, but you can add to the aesthetics of your home and keep large trash and debris from falling inside the open hole.

The extras

Not only can you purchase a high-quality window well grate from Wertzbaugher Services, but we also offer installation and accessories.  Make life easy and hire Wertzbaugher Services.  From taking initial measurements to final installation, we deliver window well grates turn-key.  Our grates can be made with an access door to ensure safe exit from the basement.  We also provide ladder systems that attach to the wall of the window well, so an individual can easily climb out of the egress.

The materials

Our window well grates can be made from a variety of materials, depending on desired finish and budget.  A carbon steel grate is strong, durable, and painted for a polished look.  Aluminum grates require no paint and provide a maintenance fee option.

Other grate options

Wertzbaugher Services also makes custom shop floor and drainage grates.  If you need to cover a drain or opening in your garage or shop floor, contact us today.


Wertz Window Well Grate Brochure