At Wertzbaugher Services we utilize saw and plasma cutting processes to deliver a part that meets the customer’s unique requirements. Our saw is used to cut parts for customers or our internal processes when building complex metal assemblies.  We cut a variety of materials including carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

We utilize our plasma cutter for cuts that require a precision edge.  We serve customers in a variety of industries including, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and more.  We use plasma technology to deliver products that meet quality and aesthetic expectations.

Both of our cutting services also feed our shop.  Some customers by parts and components from us, but we also provide complex assemblies.  Vertically integrating the cutting process allows us to shorten lead times.

We specialize in design and build.  Our customers bring us the problem and we will design the solution.  We work with customers to understand what type of structure they need built or repaired, and we design parts and assemblies to meet their need.  Our raw material vendors deliver high quality material on short lead times.  We order long lengths and cut to any dimension on our saw and plasma cutter.

Wertzbaugher Services maintains a fleet of trucks so we can quote projects delivered to your doorstep.