Welding Need to Knows

March 29, 2023

Production Welding vs. Custom Welding

Welding fabrication can be classified as production or custom welding.  Production welding is typically high volume and sourced by OEMs looking for component parts and assemblies for their products.  High volume production welding can have tight tolerances and is more competitive on price.  Custom welding typically involves a unique design or assembly in small volumes or custom welding repair of an existing structure.  Custom welding repairs are commonly performed on commercial trailers, implement equipment, and building structures.

Requirements for Quoting

Production welding quotes can be expedited when a customer provides any or all of the following documents: a 2D PDF print, IGES files, STEP files, and more.  Working off high quality prints and models decreases leads times and increases quality of the final product.  If the project is for an existing product, providing a sample part or assembly is advantageous.  Some prints have been in circulation for several years and the production of the assembly has been tweaked over that period.  Sample review guarantees that the product in production matches the print.

Mig and Tig Welding

The term ‘metal welding’ applies to all types of materials – stainless, aluminum, carbon steel, HSLA, and more.  Mig welding is the most common approach and typically used for welding mild steel components and assemblies.  Tig welding is more niche and appropriate for stainless and aluminum.  Work with your customer to verify they have capabilities in both areas to best serve your needs.